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"She's dead. Wrapped in plastic" - Pete Martell

"You know, this is, excuse me, a damn fine cup of coffee. I've had I can't tell you many cups of coffee in my life and this... this is one of the best." - FBI Agent Dale Cooper

One of the most bizarre, surreal, and highly innovative series ever to grace our television screens, ‘Twin Peaks’ follows the events surrounding the death of High School Homecoming Queen, Laura Palmer, whose dead body is found washed up on a riverbank, wrapped in plastic. FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper is sent to the peaceful northwest American town to investigate – but he soon learns that in Twin Peaks, no one is entirely innocent…

Created by Mark Frost (responsible for ‘Hill Street Blues’) and controversial film-maker David Lynch (whose impressive credits include ‘Blue Velvet’, ‘The Elephant Man’, ‘Eraserhead’ and ‘Mulholland Drive’) ‘Twin Peaks’ is a masterful tour de force of eccentric characters, gripping drama, light-hearted humour and dark, gripping atmosphere. Each episode chronicled the events of one day, as the coffee-obsessed Agent Cooper – sublimely played by Kyle MacLachlan – attempted to unravel the answer to the question “who killed Laura Palmer?” It was a question that kept viewers’ attentions keenly fixed, and even when the answer was finally revealed, there were more than enough goings-on amongst the bizarre cast of characters to keep the storyline progressing.

Sadly, ‘Twin Peaks’ was cancelled after two seasons, and the show ended on a number of cliff-hangers. The promise of a feature film proved disappointing, as the eagerly-anticipated ‘Fire Walk With Me’ proved to be merely a prequel, covering old ground by concentrating on the events leading up to Laura’s death; annoyingly, a number of scenes were cut out by Director David Lynch, which is a shame, as some were set after the events of the last episode, and helped to explain what happened next in the story.

Somewhere out there, Agent Cooper is still trapped in the Black Lodge. Will he ever escape? We may never know...

But then again...

On 6th October 2014 it was announced that ‘Twin Peaks’ wwould return as a limited series on the Showtime channel, and that creators / executive producers David Lynch and Mark Frost will be involved! This mini-series, entitled ‘Twin Peaks: The Return’, premiered in May 2017 (pushed back from the original date of 2016 due to production dificulties), coinciding with the 25th anniversary date of the show – exactly when Laura Palmer said she would be seeing Agent Cooper again...

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