Tomorrow People Logo 'The Ghosts of Mendez'
(3 Parts)
by Austen Atkinson
The Tomorrow People

In the heart of London a new art gallery is under construction using revolutionary designs by radical architect Cordelia Mendez. Georgie, an old friend of John’s, has been overseeing the gallery’s construction and invites him to see it. But when disaster strikes, John is forced into action to save the lives of the construction workers – dragging the Tomorrow People into far greater danger…
For John’s heroics have come to the attention of a reporter who has his own agenda – and some very unscrupulous acquaintances.

Can John keep the existence of the Tomorrow People a secret from the general public? And can he help a friend in need…?

Nicholas Young (John), Philip Gilbert (TIM / Timus), Helen Goldwyn (Elena), Daniel Wilson (Paul), Sarah McGuinness (Georgie), Jeremy James (Mike), Mark Wright (Jack / Gestalt), Mark Brailsford (Phillips), Sophie Crichton (Mendez), Maggie Stables (Caine)

Directed by Jason Haigh-Ellery
A 'Big Finish' Production

Part One - 'Building Rites'
Part Two - 'Truth or Dare'
Part Three - 'Promethian Fire'

*Featuring John, Elena, Paul and Tim