THHGTTG Logo 'Mostly Harmless'
(Fit the Twenty-Fifth)

by Dirk Maggs
(Adapted from the book by
Douglas Adams)

In which Arthur gains a daughter but loses a parcel.

William Franklyn (The Book), Simon Jones (Arthur Dent), Rula Lenska (Voice of the Bird), Geoffrey McGivern (Ford Prefect), Griff Rhys Jones (Old Thrashbag), Susan Sheridan (Trillian), Sandra Dickinson (Tricia), Sam Beart (Random), Roger Gregg (Strinder), Andy Taylor (Grebulon Leader), Lorelei King (Patient), Andrew Secombe (Colin the Robot), Toby Longworth (Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz), Michael Fenton Stevens (Grebulon Lieutenant), Brian Cobby (Sub-etha Voice), John Marsh (Announcer)

Directed by Dirk Maggs
Produced by Bruce Hyman and Helen Chattwell
An Above the Title production for the BBC

BBC Radio 4
14th June 2005

*Featuring Arthur Dent, Ford Prefect and Trillian