Doctor Who Logo 'Short Trips':
'The Piltdown Men'

(1 Part)

by Paul Dale Smith
Jacket Illustration

When Herbert George ‘Bertie’ Wells’ friend Thomas obtains a bizarre specimen that resembles a human / orang-utan hybrid, they consult Doctor John Smith, whose lecture they recently attended in London. The Doctor identifies it as a genetically-created soldier from the Fifty-First century, something that Wells accepts due to his adventure on the planet Karfel. Two more creatures arrive to recover their dead comrade, then race off at high speed; realising the soldiers have used a device that speeds up time, the Doctor creates a similar contraption so he and Wells can follow them. During their high-speed journey Wells sees green-skinned wraiths, which cause him to make an unexpected arrival in an underground cavern. Seeing four of the soldiers laying their fallen comrade before a metal ship, Wells suspects them of hostile intent; but then the Doctor arrives and explains that they are conducting a funeral; he speaks to the soldiers and learns how they wanted more than war, so stole a time ship to travel the universe, only to become marooned in East Sussex. After the Doctor repairs the ship so the soldiers can leave he departs in his own time vessel, leaving Wells with the lesson of always keeping an open mind…

Hugh Ross (Narrator)


*Featuring the Second Doctor

*A Big Finish Audio Production

Time-placing: The Doctor is on his own, so I’m choosing to place this during ‘Season 6A’

H.G. Wells and his friend take a train to Uckfield with apparent ease; that's my line, and I wish I was that lucky with my present-day commute, thanks to Southern Rail!