Doctor Who Logo 'Short Trips':

(1 Part)

by Rob Nisbet
Jacket Illustration

On the planet Arinja, an interplanetary cameraman named Marsh has been waiting in a hide for five months to take pictures of a rare flightless bird known as a Gadot. Marsh is surprised by the arrival of a strange man calling himself the Doctor, who tells him that the Gadot have been extinct for ten years. Marsh is devastated, and fears for his job. The Doctor decides to help out, and uses the TARDIS to bring a Gadot from the past so that Marsh can film it; once Marsh has captured the bird on camera, the Doctor returns it to its rightful time. His assignment finally complete, Marsh returns home and shows the footage to his producer; but the executive is more interested in the Doctor, and tells Marsh to go back to get more recordings of him instead. A dispirited Marsh returns to Arinja, and although he often sees the familiar blue police box, only different people ever emerge from it. Marsh wishes for the return of the man he once met – mainly so he can get his own back on him…

Stephen Critchlow (Narrator)


*Featuring the Sixth Doctor and Mel

*A Big Finish Audio Production