Captain Scarlet Logo 'Model Spy'
by Bill Hedley
Captain Scarlet Cast

"We are about to destroy the House of Verdain. Andre Verdain will die."

The latest target of the Mysterons' war of nerves is fashion designer Andre Verdain, who is also the secret controller of the European Area Intelligence Service. Colonel White suspects that the assassination attempt will be made at a fashion show in Monte Carlo, and so assigns Captain Scarlet and Captain Blue to protect Verdain, assisted by Destiny Angel and Symphony Angel, who are to go under cover as fashion models. But two of Verdain's other models, Helga and Gabriella have been killed in a train crash and replaced by Mysteron agents, and once everyone is aboard Verdain's luxury yacht, they then set fire to the vessel...

Francis Matthews (Captain Scarlet), Ed Bishop (Captain Blue), Donald Gray (Colonel White), Janna Hill (Symphony Angel), Cy Grant (Lieutenant Green), Donald Gray (Captain Black / Voice of the Mysterons), Liz Morgan (Destiny Angel / Helga), Jeremy Wilkin (Andre Verdain / Commissionaire), Sylvia Anderson (Gabrielle)

Directed by Ken Turner
Produced by Reg Hill
Executive Producer Gerry Anderson

UK (ATV Midlands):
December 29th, 1967 @ 5.25 pm - 5.55 pm

*Featuring Captain Scarlet, Captain Blue, Colonel White, Lieutenant Green, Symphony Angel, Destiny Angel and Captain Black