Captain Scarlet Logo 'Dangerous Rendezvous'
by Tony Barwick
Captain Scarlet Cast

Our next act of retaliation will be to destroy Cloudbase. Spectrum headquarters will be destroyed at midnight."

Doctor Kurnitz has developed a transmission device using the pulsator power-source that Captain Scarlet recovered from the Mysteron complex on the Moon. When Colonel White uses the machine to contact the Mysterons in an attempt to make peace with them, the Mysterons agree to meet for peace talks and arrange for a rendezvous in Greenland. Captain Scarlet volunteers for what he suspects is a trap...

Francis Matthews (Captain Scarlet), Ed Bishop (Captain Blue), Donald Gray (Colonel White), Cy Grant (Lieutenant Green), Donald Gray (Captain Black / Voice of the Mysterons), Jeremy Wilkin (Captain Ochre / Doctor Kurnitz / Captain Black [Original]), Liz Morgan (Destiny Angel), Sylvia Anderson (Melody Angel / Receptionist), Charles Tingwell (Lt. Dean)

Directed by Brian Burgess
Produced by Reg Hill
Executive Producer Gerry Anderson

UK (ATV Midlands):
February 9th, 1968 @ 5.25 pm - 5.55 pm

*Featuring Captain Scarlet, Captain Blue, Colonel White, Lieutenant Green, Captain Ochre, Destiny Angel, Melody Angel and Captain Black

*This episode’s events follow on from those seen in ‘Crater 101’