Batman Logo 'Hi Diddle Riddle'
Story Code '6028-Part 1'

by Lorenzo Semple
Batman Cast

Holy Injustice! Solving one of the Riddler’s puzzles, Batman and Robin track the villain to the Peale Art Gallery; here they find the Prince of Puzzlers holding a gun on the proprietor, Gideon Peale, and apparently stealing a valuable cross from him. But when the Dynamic Duo stops the Riddler’s hold-up, they learn that his gun is actually a lighter, and that the cross is in fact his own property. The Riddler immediately summons a team of lawyers, who promptly hand the Caped Crusader a subpoena - Riddler is going to sue him for false arrest! Unless the Dynamic Duo can uncover the Riddler's plot before the case comes to trial, Batman will be forced to reveal his true identity in court…

Adam West (Bruce Wayne / Batman), Burt Ward (Dick Grayson / Robin), Alan Napier (Alfred Pennyworth), Madge Blake (Aunt Harriet Cooper), James Hamilton (Police Commissioner Gordon), Stafford Repp (Police Chief O’Hara), William Dozier (Narrator), Jill St. John (Molly), Richard Reeves (Go Go Club Guard (uncredited),), Michael Fox (Inspector Basch), Jack Barry (Newscaster), Ben Astar (Prime Minister), O'Flyn Damian (Gideon Peale), Richard Reeves (Doorman), William Dozier (Maitre 'd), Frank Gorshin (The Riddler)

Directed by Robert Butler
Produced by William Dozier
Batman Created by Bob Kane

TX (US): 12th January 1966

*Introducing Bruce Wayne (a.k.a. Batman), Dick Grayson (a.k.a. Robin), Alfred Pennyworth, Aunt Harriet Cooper, Police Commissioner Gordon and Police Chief O’Hara

* Based on 'Remarkable Ruse of the Riddler' from 'Batman' #171 (May 1965), written by Gardner Fox