Batman Logo 'An Egg Grows in Gotham'
Story Code '9717-Part 1'

by Stanley Ralph Ross
Story by Ed Self
Batman Cast

Holy Contracts! When that shell-shocked sneak, Egghead, steals Gotham City’s charter from its case at City Hall, he discovers that the city is actually owned by the Mohican Indians and is only leased to the local government. According to the charter, every five years, Gotham must pay the Native Americans - in the person of Chief Screaming Chicken, last of the Mohicans - the princely sum of nine raccoon pelts - three from each of the three descendants of Gotham City's founders: Pete Savage, Tim Tyler, and millionaire philanthropist Bruce Wayne. Learning that if the lease is not paid by midnight, then the rights to Gotham City revert back to the Mohicans, Egghead makes a deal to act as Screaming Chicken’s legal representative, and then plans to ensure that the sum due is not paid. Having tracked Egghead to his hideout at the Ghoti-Oeufs Caviar Company, Batman and Robin burst in and attempt to apprehend the egg-sasperating villain; however, they soon fall victim to an egg containing nitrous oxide, and as the Dynamic Duo laugh themselves silly, Egghead and his gang escape. Later, after having neutralised the effects of the gas with Sad Pills, Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson join Peter Savage and Timothy Tyler to arrange the delivery of the raccoon pelts to Chief Screaming Chicken; but the quartet are then kidnapped by Egghead, who, suspecting Bruce of being Batman, now plans to use a mind machine to reveal the Caped Crusader's secret identity…

Adam West (Bruce Wayne / Batman), Burt Ward (Dick Grayson / Robin), Alan Napier (Alfred Pennyworth), Madge Blake (Aunt Harriet Cooper), James Hamilton (Police Commissioner Gordon), Stafford Repp (Police Chief O’Hara), William Dozier (Narrator), Ben Welden (Foo Yung), Vincent Price (Egghead), Edward Everett Hornton (Chief Screaming Chicken), Gail Hire (Miss Bacon), Ben Weldon (Foo Yung), Gene Dynarski (Benedict), Steve Dunne (Tim Tyler), Byron Keith (Mayor Lindseed), Albert Carrier (Pete Savage), Grant Woods (Tour Guide), Burt Mustin (MacDonald), George Fenneman (Newsman), Anthony Brand (Motorcycle Cop), Ben Alexander (Plainclothesman cop), Mae Clarke (Lady), Allan Emerson (Policeman), Jonathan Hole (Jewelry Store Clerk), George McCoy (Motorist)

Directed by George Waggner
Produced by Howie Horwitz
Executive Producer William Dozier
Batman Created by Bob Kane

TX (US):
19th October 1966

*Featuring Bruce Wayne (a.k.a. Batman), Dick Grayson (a.k.a. Robin), Alfred Pennyworth, Aunt Harriet Cooper, Police Commissioner Gordon and Police Chief O’Hara

*Holy Word-Play! The word ‘GHOTI’ in the Ghoti-Oeufs Caviar Company means ‘FISH’. ‘GH’ becomes ‘F’ (as in ‘tough’ or ‘laugh’); ‘O’ becomes ‘I’ (as in ‘women’); and ‘TI’ becomes ‘SH’ (as in ‘ration’ or ‘nation’)