Blake's 7 Logo 'Gold'
by Colin Davis
Blake's 7 Cast

Avon makes contact with Keiller, an old accomplice who proposes a plan to steal a shipment of Federation gold. Keiller is the head of security for the shipment, which is to be secretly transported from the planet Zerok to Earth inside a pleasure cruiser; the gold is subjected to a chemical process that turns it black and useless, and is then restored upon reaching its destination. Keiler has been approached by a contact that can reverse the process, but instead he wants to use Avon’s help to prevent the initial process and then steal it for themselves. Ignoring Vila’s suspicions, Avon and the others agree, but when they attempt to steal the gold, they are attacked. They manage to escape, but only after discovering that the gold was black, suggesting that Keiller is withholding information from them. Avon proposes going ahead with the theft, planning to sell the black gold to Keiller’s contact. Posing as tourists they arrive on the cruiser and steal the gold, then rendezvous with Keiller’s associate - only to find that it is Servalan. Avon sells the gold to Servalan for an exorbitant price, believing that he has tricked her as it is black and therefore worthless. However, Orac then informs them that not only can Servalan reverse the process, but Zerok has just ceded to the Federation - meaning that the currency they have just been paid is now worthless. Tarrant and others are furious with Avon, who breaks into uncontrolled laughter…

Paul Darrow (Kerr Avon), Michael Keating (Vila Restal), Josette Simon (Dayna Mellanby), Steven Pacey (Del Tarrant), Glynis Barber (Soolin), Peter Tuddenham (Orac / Slave), Jacqueline Pearce (Servalan), Roy Kinnear (Keiller), Anthony Brown (Doctor), Dinah May (Woman Passenger), Norman Hartley (Pilot)

Directed by Brian Lighthill
Produced by David Maloney

30th November 1981 @ 7.20 pm - 8.10 pm

*Featuring Kerr Avon, Vila Restal, Dayna Mellanby, Del Tarrant, Soolin, Orac and Slave