B5 Logo 'Voices'

by John Vornholt
B5 Cover

Telepaths to the left of them. Telepaths to the right of them. And danger is all around Commander Susan Ivanova and Security Chief Michael Garibaldi when a Psi Corps convention is held on Babylon 5. Someone will turn this meeting of mind readers into a real blast ... as a bomb makes Babylon 5 a death trap.

The prime suspect is resident telepath Talia Winters. With Talia's old foes, thought-cops Bester and Gray, calling for her head, Ivanova and Garibaldi can't openly help her. Now she's running for her life through a perilous universe, and her psychic talent is her only weapon when her path is blocked by staggering intergalactic horrors: Psi Cops closing in... and a killer waiting.

*Set in early 2259, between 'Points of Departure' and 'A Race Through dark Places'

*Published by Dell Books