B5 Logo 'Nautilus Coil'

by Gregory J. Keyes
B5 Cover

For several years, Michael Garibaldi has been financing Lyta Alexander's rogue telepaths, providing them with money, weapons and ships; however, Lyta has yet to deliver her side of the bargain, by removing the mental blocks that prevent Garibaldi from harming Psi Cop Bester. Garibaldi receives a message from Lyta, summoning him to a captured Psi Corps base hidden below the ice of Ganymede, and soon learns of the existence of a planet where the Vorlons supposedly created telepaths. Garibaldi and Lyta set off to locate the planet – but a team of Psi Corps agents have the same objective, and so the race is on…

*Set between 2263 and 2266, after 'Objects at Rest', but before the Telepath War

*Published in 'The Official Babylon 5 Magazine' #24