B5 Logo 'The Memory of Shadows'

by J. Michael Straczynski

The technology of the ancient and extinct Shadow race is being unleashed upon the galaxy by an unknown force, and Earthforce intelligence officer Diane Baker, whose brother was recently killed in a mysterious explosion, it out to find out who is behind the intergalactic conspiracy. Joining her is Galen, a techno-mage who has been charged with keeping the technology out of the hands of those who would abuse it.

News update:On 25th February 2005, J. Michael Straczynski announced via a usenet group posting that the proposed B5 film, ‘The Memory of Shadows’, was on hold indefinitely. Straczynski explained "The deal could not be put together, and it did not look as if that was going to change at any point in the foreseeable future… So the option has reverted, and to all intents and purposes, the project has dead-ended. Nor do I think this particular incarnation will arise again at any point in the future, though prognostication has always been a tricky art, especially if you have to do it without the benefit of hindsight."

In 2003, Straczynski was approached by a company that had optioned the ‘Babylon 5’ rights from Straczynski and ordered a script. "On Dec. 27th of 2003, the script for ‘The Memory of Shadow’s was turned in, and the process began of trying to make the deal work with all the various forces involved… at times, it seemed we were inches away from a deal. ... Stages were reserved at Elstree. Actors were contacted. A director was in place. The script went through many revisions. A few key staff were hired. .... It was really a year-long roller-coaster ride. During that time, the people involved, with every good intention, tried very hard to pull the necessary pieces together on the deal." Don’t give up hope though, as Straczynski assured fans that "Eventually, it will happen, because such things are simply inevitable. If they can do a ‘Brady Bunc’h movie, you can be sure that, sooner or later, somebody's going to do a ‘B5’ movie. The only thing I can say without equivocation is that when that day comes, as the rights-holder, I will make darned sure that it's done right, because I'd rather have no ‘B5’ movie than one that doesn't live up to what fans and I myself would want to see. To that end ... I can wait."

Directed by Steven Beck

US TX - Proposed for 2005, now abandoned


*Two-hour TV movie