B5 Logo 'The Lost Tales'
by J. Michael Straczynski
B5 Cast

On an immense space station built by the Earth Alliance, the crew of Babylon 5 is charged with maintaining the peace among the various alien races by providing a sanctuary where grievances and negotiations can be worked out among duly appointed ambassadors. 'Babylon 5: The Lost Tales' picks up the dramatic series in 2271A.D, ten years after John Sheridan is appointed President of the Interstellar Alliance.

'The Lost Tales' follows Sheridan as he prepares for a fateful Babylon 5 reunion that could prevent Earth's impending doom. Unfortunately, he is also forced to compromise his own principals in doing so. At the same time, commander Lochley confronts an unexpected interloper on the way station - a being whose presence makes the B5 freeport the crossroads between heaven and hell.

Bruce Boxleitner (President John Sheridan), Tracy Scoggins (Captain Elizabeth Lochley), Peter Woodward (Galen), Teryl Rothery (ISN reporter), Alan Scarfe (Father Kelly), Bruce Ramsay (TBC), Keegan MacIntosh (Prince Regent Dius Vintari)

Directed by J. Michael Straczynski
Executive producers Douglas Netter and J. Michael Straczynski
Line producer Lisa Towers

Released July 2007

*Featuring President John Sheridan, Captain Elizabeth Lochley and Galen

*This special was released straight to DVD on 31st July 2007