B5 Logo 'The Illusion of Truth'

Prod Code '#408'
by J. Michael Straczynski
B5 Cast

Following the conclusion of the Shadow war, a television crew from channel ISN arrives on the station to make a second story about Babylon 5. Sheridan agrees, unprepared for just how much the truth can be manipulated...

Bruce Boxleitner (Captain John Sheridan), Claudia Christian (Commander Susan Ivanova), Jerry Doyle (Security Chief Michael Garibaldi), Mira Furlan (Delenn), Richard Biggs (Dr. Stephen Franklin), Bill Mumy (Lennier), Jason Carter (Marcus Cole), Stephen Furst (Vir Cotto), Jeff Conaway (Zack Allan), Patricia Tallman (Lyta Alexander), Andreas Katsulas (G'Kar), Peter Jurasik (Londo Mollari), Jeff Griggs (Randall), Henry Darrow (Dr. Indiri), Diana Morgan (Alison Higgins), Andrew Craig (Client), David A. Kimball (Parks), Albert Garcia (Ramirez)

Directed by Stephen Furst

US TX - 17th February 1997

*Featuring Captain John Sheridan, Commander Susan Ivanova, Security Chief Michael Garibaldi, Dr. Stephen Franklin, Zack Allan, Ambassador Delenn, Lennier, Ambassador Londo Mollari, Vir Cotto, Ambassador G'Kar, Lyta Alexander and Marcus Cole