B5 Logo 'A Call to Arms'

Prod Code '#TNT MoW4'
by J. Michael Straczynski
B5 Cast

In 2266, the Drakh wreak revenge for the destruction of their Shadow masters by launching a devastating attack against Earth. In a desperate attempt to save the population, the crew of the Excalibur are sent on a quest...

Bruce Boxleitner (President John Sheridan), Jerry Doyle (Michael Garibaldi), Jeff Conaway (Security Chief Zack Allan), Carrie Dobro (Dureena [Nafeel]), Peter Woodward (Galen), Tony Todd (Captain Leonard Anderson), Tracy Scoggins (Captain Elizabeth Lochley), Tony Maggio (Drake), Michael Harris (Bishop), Scott MacDonald (First Officer), Wayne Alexander (Drakh), Carlos Bernard (Communications), Burt Bulos (Navigation), Ron Campbell (Drazi), David Coburn (Minbari Ranger), Matt Gallini (Rolf), Valeria Ghiran (ISN Reporter), Marjean Holden (Navigation), Endre Hules (Yuri), Tim O'Hare (First Mage), Tom Ramirez (Second Mage), LaRita Shelby-Mullen (Lynne), Kayla Spell (Sarah)

Directed by Mike Vejar

US TX - 3rd January 1999

*Featuring President John Sheridan, Michael Garibaldi, Captain Elizabeth Lochley, Security Chief Zack Allan and Galen

*Two-hour TV movie, which leads into the spin-off series 'Crusade'