B5 Logo 'Betrayals'

by S. M. Stirling
B5 Cover

By Any Means Necessary...

When diplomats from the universe's two warring superpowers come to Babylon 5 for a peace summit, Captain Sheridan and the Earthforce Personnel know that security is paramount. But a brilliant con woman is making plans of her own - plans for the ambassadors of both Centauri and Narn - and in the belly of B5 the seeds of rebellion are being sewn....


A twin brother and sister, equally committed to their cause but divided by strategy, seek liberation for the planet, T'll. Then a T'llin exile is murdered, and violence erupts on Babylon 5, its internal communications hopelessly scrambled. With rebels threatening to bathe the peace conference in blood, and hostile warships approaching, Garibaldi must plot a rescue of Sheridan and the diplomats. But it may be too late. The T'llin have learned the art of destruction from masters, and for them freedom is worth any price: even self-annihilation.


*Published by Dell Books