B5 Logo 'Accusations'

by Lois Tilton
B5 Cover

Friends Like These

He came to Babylon 5 from out of Commander Susan Ivanova's past. His cryptic, urgent message asked for an immediate meeting, but when Ivanova arrived to meet her old friend, Ortega was dead -- murdered -- and the word from Mars Colony was that the man had been a terrorist.


Dealing with an outbreak of hijacked shipments of morbidium ingots, Ivanova is caught by surprise when EA investigators accuse her of being in league with Ortega, then strip her of her command and threaten Security Chief Garibaldi as well. Now the once and future Babylon 5 loyalists must unravel a mystery of corruption and murder. Fail, and the price will be their careers, or their lives...

*Set in mid-2259, between 'The Coming of Shadows' and 'All Alone in the Night'

*Published by Dell Books