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"Bold, like a knight in white armour… Cold, like a shot from a gun…"

‘Adam Adamant Lives!’ follows the exploits of Edwardian gentleman Adam Adamant, a handsome adventurer who believes in righting wrongs, fighting evil and championing the weak and the fairer sex. In the first episode, Adam is betrayed by his love and delivered into the hands of his archenemy, the Face - a masked villain who then condemns Adam to a living death suspended in a block of ice. However, Adam’s perfectly-preserved body is later found by workmen in 1960’s London and he is thawed out. Adam decides to carry on in the service of his beloved country, while at the same time attempting to make sense of the loud, brash and permissive society in which he now finds himself. Adam is aided by swinging-chick Georgina Jones, who always seems more of a hindrance than a help, and his faithful manservant Simms, an ex-Punch and Judy man with a natty line in limericks.

The series was created for the BBC by Sydney Newman and Verity Lambert, who both created ‘Doctor Who’; it was planned as a rival to ITV’s ‘The Avengers’, and in fact its style of bizarre storytelling rivalled the adventures of Steed and Mrs Peel, featuring as it did surreal goings-on, eccentric characters and diabolical, larger-than-life villains. Although Adam is quite a serious character, the comedic element of the show would still come through, usually out of the juxtaposition of Georgina’s Sixties outlook and Adam’s Edwardian sense of morality.

Sporting a dramatic theme song sung by Kathy Kirby, the series ran for twenty-nine episodes across two seasons. To this day it remains a classic piece of Sixties telefantasy, and is fondly remembered by its fans - and more than likely influenced the creation of a certain Austin Powers…

Adam Adamant Lives! - Season 1
Adam Adamant Lives! - Season 2

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