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'Dutch Schlitz's Shoes'

by Trevor Preston
Shadows Cast

The villainous Mr. Stabs is concerned that his hand-power has become almost exhausted. Learning that Sir Arthur Inchwood has the magical black glove of Mendoza in his private collection, Stabs and his unsavory sidekick Luko decide to break into Inchwood House and steal the artifact. On finding the glove in its display case they are confronted by a skeleton armed with a blunderbuss, but soon discover that it is Sir Arthur in costume; Stabs tricks the gentleman into allowing him to try on the glove, and, with his hand-power now fully-restored, the evil magician promptly turns Sir Arthur into a toad. While searching through the collection, Mr. Stabs tries on a pair of shoes that once belonged to a 1920s Chicago gangster known as Dutch Schlitz - and immediately becomes possessed by the spirit of the dead mobster. Together with Luko, they rob a local bank, and then return to Inchwood House with the loot. Police inspector Rumbold is called in to investigating the bank robbery, and is questioning the bank manager when they meet Sir Arthur, now back in his human form; together the three of them decide to return to Inchwood House and apprehend the robbers. Stabs manages to regain his personality but is unable to remove the haunted shoes; in a last attempt he summons Dutch Schlitz from the Land of Lost Souls to reclaim his footwear, but after the dangerous gangster takes back his brogues, he refuses to leave, planning to continue his life of crime as an unstoppable spiritů

Russell Hunter (Mr. Stabs), Kenneth Caswell (Luko), Barry Stanton ( Dutch Schlitz), Gordon Gostelow (Sir Arthur Inchwood), John Abineri (Inspector Rumbold), Gary Waring (Mr. Baxter), Ron Pember (Albert), Valentine Dyall (Radio Voice)

Directed by Stan Woodward
Produced by Pamela Londsdale

8th October 1975

*Featuring Mr.Stabs and Luko

*This story features the character of Mr.Stabs, who originally appeared in the 'Ace of Wands' story 'Seven Serpents, Sulphur and Salt', and then later in the episode of 'Dramarama' entitled 'Stabs'